In Horizons and Hopes, Thomas Groom writes:

The overarching goal of adult faith formation and education is to foster a sense of mission rather than simply to enhance membership

At its most integral adult catechesis provides participants with the means and perspectives that allow them to give expression to their baptism through engagement with the mission of evangelisation

… the church is gathered to be sent and the most important expression of the reality of the church is its commitment to transform the world in light of the reign of God. The work of evangelisation is at the heart of the church’s mission… We are called to maintain a focus on ongoing spiritual maturity-with the capacity to respond to cultural realities & the needs of humanity for a message of peace & justice.             Horizons and Hopes: The future of Religious Education, Thomas Groome, p 48

To this end Upper Mt Gravatt Wishart engages in ministries which bring about the Reign of God and drawing all who come here to give expression to their baptism and engage in the mission of the evangelisation. Below are the documents that assist in achieving this dream:

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