Liturgy and Prayer

We enact our mission through liturgy and prayer opportunities that form, inform and transform our faith.

Liturgy Team

This group is responsible for coordinating the various liturgical ministries, for the preparation of liturgy and the liturgical environment of our parish churches and for in-service opportunities. We are always seeking members to assist in the preparation of the Liturgy. Gifts needed are varied. Contact the parish office.

Liturgy of the Word with Children

This time of prayer is available during the school term to all children, preschool and upwards, at the 8.30 am Mass at St Catherine’s and the 9.30 am Mass at St Bernard’s on Sunday, in the Community Centre. Check the Parish Newsletter.

Music Ministry

There is an extensive music ministry across the whole parish. The wealth and depth of musical expertise caters for all groups and styles of liturgical music. Our musicians and vocalists are coordinated by Danuta Cleland. She collaborates with Jim Vogt at St Martin’s Church. There are music groups for each of the seven Masses celebrated each weekend across the parish. Our parish boasts a formal parish choir who leads the assembly on formal and special liturgical occasions.


First Friday of every month after 8.00 am Mass St Bernard’s.

Meditation and Prayer Groups

There are a variety of Meditation and Prayer Groups within the Parish. You are always welcome.

Meditation & Prayer

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