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Are you searching?

… the church is gathered to be sent and the most important expression of the reality of the church is its commitment to transform the world in light of the reign of God. The work of evangelization is at the heart of the church’s mission… We are called to maintain a focus on ongoing spiritual maturity-with the capacity to respond to cultural realities & the needs of humanity for a message of peace & justice.
Thomas Groome

We welcome those who are enquiring about our faith. We are committed to journeying with you for as short or as long as needed. For those who are not baptised, welcome! For those who are baptised and still searching, welcome! For those who are fully initiated into the Catholic faith and want to enrich their faith, welcome! Come and See!

Welcome to our Parish!

It is our hope that through this website you will become better acquainted with the Upper Mt Gravatt Wishart Catholic Parish and its diverse services and ministries.

Upper Mt Gravatt Wishart Catholic Parish incorporates the worshiping communities of St Bernard’s (Upper Mt Gravatt) St Catherine’s (Wishart), and St Martin’s (Eight Mile Plains).  Since 2010, our newly formed parish has worked through many processes to ensure unification and after much deliberation and consultation now has a parish pastoral plan which enables all to continue to strive to be a vibrant community of faith within the Archdiocese of Brisbane.

The parish exists to continue God’s mission in the world, to help people meet Christ and to live out their faith in a supportive and caring community.  The many groups and services operating in the parish share in this mission and endeavour to serve the spiritual, social and educational needs of the local area.

I hope this website will be helpful to you and encourage you to become even more involved in the life and ministry of our parish.

May the Lord bless our endeavours.

Yours sincerely,

Fr Pat Molony PP